Basement Remodeling Update

This is my 1917 Balloon Framed house in Minnesota. I have been remodeling it for ever, however, I decided to start video-tracking my struggles and success. It is a Craftsman/Bungalow.

This project is a main floor and basement remodel, this is step 2 of that process.

I hope to add a photo video of before and after.

Please feel free to offer advice or ideas!!



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Latest home improvement project

Rebuilt the shelf over the washing machine from scratch. The old one — what’s left of it is sitting on the washer — had its backboard crack around where it was bolted to the wall and most of its nails were rotted away. Wish I had a "before" pic showing the old shelf before it fell apart, but the washer and dryer in the garage aren’t exactly regular photography subjects.

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