repairing the crackhead door repair

Welcome back to Mushy’s Home Improvement Show, where the mantra is: We’re not crackheads!™ [disclaimer: do not sniff the chunky white powder on the floor, I don’t know what it is but it’s not something you want in your nose.]

In today’s episode, we’re measuring trim strips which will go around the doors in the utility room. Once those are cut to size and painted, they will be put up around the doorframes. Then I will be able to measure the trim for around the base of the room, hiding the required 3/8" gap between the wall and the Marmoleum tile. I’ve procured all the materials and my compound mitre saw with laser guide is ready to knock this job out.

Here we have the first complication: The previous homeowners replaced the original doorframe for the back door with a new wooden frame that hangs a metal door. Which would … Read More