Building Your Dream Garage


as the lawn equipment with maybe a little room left over for a workshop. You can make this dream come true in three simple steps.

Where to Put It

The very first step is to decide exactly where your new garage will be located. Ask yourself whether you want it close to the house or further away. Will it be hooked into your electric? Closer will make that easier to do. Will you use loud machinery inside of it? If so, choose a spot at the edge of the property where the noise won’t be heard inside of the house.

What Type of Garage?

The location you have selected will help, determine how big of a garage you will want. If space is small, you can choose a blueprint that includes a loft that will provide extra storage space. Along with the size, you need to decide whether you want a simple pole barn or a structure that rivals the house when it comes to construction, the roof, and siding. You also need to factor in how much help you will have when building the garage. If it is a one-man project, you may have to go simpler than expected while a contractor can certainly make any dream come true.

The Prep Work and Construction

 Your location will need to be cleared and graded off flat. Demolition services in Charlotte, NC can help you with this part. When it comes to actual construction, you need to round up friends and family to help you or hire a contractor that will bring in professionals to make your dreams of a garage a reality.

Using these three steps as a starting point will get you headed in the right direction. There is plenty of work to each one, but the result will be a large garage with enough space to suit all of your needs.

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