Buying a backyard shed in Kentucky

Most homeowners will eventually come to the realization that they simply don’t have enough space to fit all their belongings. If some of the things that accumulate over the years can be sold off or given away, all the better. But for many homeowners, especially those who actively do many projects themselves or use their garage space to work on vehicles, the reality is that someday they will need to buy additional storage space. One of the best solutions to a shortage of storage space at home is the purchase of a backyard shed.

Backyard sheds are as varied as the people who buy them

Backyard sheds come in so many shapes, sizes, and price range that it doesn’t do much good to talk about them in general terms. If you’re looking to buy storage buildings in KY, the type of shed you choose may be determined by many factors, not the least of which is the location where you live.

The mountainous regions of Eastern Kentucky are more sheltered by the topography from severe weather. But some of those areas can get occasional heavy snows. This is a limiting factor for many of the cheaper kinds of storage sheds, including corrugated aluminum sheds with a flat roof and tarp-style sheds, both of which will collapse under heavy enough snowfall.

On the other hand, these types of shed may be completely unworkable in Western Kentucky, which is often hit with strong summer thunderstorms and the occasional tornado. While few garden sheds can withstand a direct hit from anything more powerful than the weakest twister, they are designed to withstand the normal high winds that are so often produced in severe thunderstorms.

Still, some may wish to take their chances with a cheaper model, such as those constructed of steel or aluminum. The best backyard storage sheds, however, are going to be constructed in much the same way as a home. Unlike some other types of cheaper or portable sheds, backyard, barn-style sheds can really spruce up your backyard, while adding significantly more storage space for your garden, lawn, and mechanical tools. These structures don’t just add utility to your home, either. A high-quality garden shed can actually increase the value of your home, allowing the initial cost of the structure to be essentially self-paid.

Another great advantage of getting a full-framed, shingled, barn-style garden shed is that it is virtually guaranteed to last, no matter what mother nature throws at it. In the realm of home storage space, you typically will get what you pay for. A corrugated aluminum structure may only cost one-tenth what a top-quality garden shed of the same size costs, but it will often times only last a tenth as long. Metal sheds and those using tarp also tend to age poorly, with rusting being a major problem, even on those that claim they are corrosion resistant.

Ultimately, if you really need the extra storage space, it makes a lot of sense to go with the best solution, a high-quality barn-style shed.