Knowing When Is the Right Time to Call a Handyman


It seems like there is always work to be done around the house. Some of the work may be work that you can do yourself. Other projects may be a little out of your league. For example, your toilet may need to be replaced or you may need to replace or install the deck on your home. Some people call a handyman to do simpler projects that they could do themselves. For example, many handymen get phone calls to do things like hang artwork on the wall. A project does not need to be a major one to justify using a handyman.

Some people use a handyman because they don’t know how to do a project, and others use a handyman because they just don’t want to do it. Going back to the example of artwork, it seems like a very simple task to hang artwork. However, it can very … Read More

Signs That Your House Has Foundation Damage

Foundation Damage of House

Your home’s foundation is essential to its structural integrity. If the foundation is damaged, due to poor drainage, shifting soil, or environmental stress, it can cause major problems. That’s why homeowners need to be aware of the key signs of foundation damage. Keep reading to learn more about what to watch out for.

Dampness and Humidity

One of the main causes of foundation damage is poor drainage. If your home is surrounded by expansive soils, the dirt increases in volume every time it absorbs water. If the volume of the surrounding soil changes frequently, it can start to impact the foundation. The shifting soil exerts pressure on the foundation, which can leave the interior of the home vulnerable to moisture. If the foundation of your home is damaged, you may notice pools of water in the basement, or that your crawl space is always wet after it rains. Foundation damage … Read More

Floating Floors Explained

floating floors

Choosing a floor for the first time can be quite daunting and becomes even more complicated when flooring terminology is thrown in. One such term you might come across is “floating floors”. Floating floors earn their name thanks to the method of installation and are also one of the most popular floors among homeowners right now.

As the name suggests, floating floor planks are laid straight down on to the subfloor without the need for any additional joining methods. Floating floors work by using a strong interlocking mechanism that, when laid on top of an underlay, provide a stable and safe floor. This means no glue and no nails are needed to further secure this floor.  As a result, installation time is cut down and if you’re a DIY fan, you may not even need to hire a joiner or fitter. Two popular floors that use this floating method are … Read More

Home Repair Assistance Grant

Home RepairHome Repair Assure covers the prices of parts, companies and labour to repair points sometimes found in many Canadian homes. Carpets, furniture, white items (similar to fridges, dishwashers) and services (equivalent to architect’s fees) with a VAT price of 23% don’t qualify.

Lisa learned of a new resource in the final yr: Habitat’s Repair Corps program , which is made possible due to beneficiant donations from The Home Depot® Foundation.

Lisa discovered about Repair Corps by her uncle Roland Losey, a Purple Heart Vietnam veteran who himself discovered about the program through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We are dedicated to bettering the standard of life in the City of Cleveland by strengthening our neighborhoods by way of successful housing rehabilitation efforts, commercial rehabilitation efforts, new housing building, homeownership, and neighborhood targeted human companies.

In the Upper Valley, old houses and cell houses, harsh winters and high proportions of low-revenue … Read More

Signs That You Need to Get Help from Termite Specialists

Termites can cause a large amount of damage in a very short time frame which is why you need to immediately seek aid if you think they have found a home in your home. They devour wood quickly and often covertly since many times when the damage becomes apparent it is already widespread. If you are vigilant however you can catch some signs before termites have destroyed a large amount of your wood. Here are a few signs that you should always recognize as a sign of termite destruction so you can get help sooner instead of later.

Paint Starting To Buckle on Drywall & Wood

Sometimes paint buckling up on wood can be a great indicator that termites may be working underneath the surface. As termites chew on wood the pulp of the wood is almost completely destroyed. Oftentimes only the coating is left behind and that is the … Read More