Design Ideas for Pools

A pool in the backyard offers a fun way to spend time with the family and your friends. It’s also a way that you can exercise with little effort or relax while floating around. There are numerous backyard pool designs in Jacksonville that companies will speak with you about before you make a decision about how deep you want the pool to be or the amenities that you want to include. It’s best to have a few ideas in mind before beginning the project so that you don’t waste the time of those who are digging in the yard and installing the pool. An idea would be to drive around to look at pools that other people have in their yard to get an idea as to what you could have and how your pool can be different.

Accent a back porch with a pool that is surrounded by large stones and that is slightly elevated above the ground. Install lights around the perimeter of the pool with mulch and plants around them to create a natural setting. There are also lights that you can install along the edges of the pool so that you can enjoy swimming at night or sitting in a rocking chair while others swim in the pool.

Even if you live in the middle of a bustling city, you can still have the same kind of pool as everyone else. It might need to be a bit smaller, but you can make up for the width and length by making it deeper. Another idea is to add a small hot tub in one corner of the pool or an area for younger children to splash around in while older children and adults enjoy the deeper waters.

If you’re looking for a way to relax in a spacious backyard while entertaining friends and family, then put a large concrete area around the pool so that you can space out chairs and a few tables. Chaise lounge chairs work well with this idea along with small tables beside each one that has umbrellas so that you can enjoy the sun while others are swimming.