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Development of online shopping in Sri Lanka. Online shopping is not new to the world but in Sri Lanka it is new. The needs of the Sri Lankan residents have been served by the global leaders of e-commerce although they have not been enough. There had been a gap that was created in the market between the Sri Lanka people and that is why some skilled individuals were able to introduce online shopping. The local users of online shopping in Sri Lanka are still at their beginning stage that is why the Sri Lanka online market is still small compared to the world. It is because of this reason that many residents in Sri Lanka are considering using online shopping. Sri Lanka online shopping is small although it is preferred by many online shoppers. Online shopping is being considered by many Sri Lankan companies because they are positive and hopeful that the e-commerce in their country is going to grow. They know very well that there is so much to come in the future. A large number of the local residents have not reached the market but there are some international players who have reached the market in Sri Lanka. Many international companies have greatly contributed to the Sri Lankan online shopping. The international contribution gives a lot of exposure to the local residents who are interested in learning about the online shopping. There is a dynamic change in the people’s lifestyle in Sri Lanka because they are moving from the third world status to more advanced status. As a result of the drastic change in the internal conflict online shopping has been made possible. This reason has enabled the Sri Lankan residents to move to a more advanced technology. The global impact of technology is another factor that has contributed to the advancement of online shopping because now people can carry the internet in their hands. Using their mobile phones the Sri Lankan residents can order anything they need online.
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Sri Lanka does not have a graying population, unlike many developing countries. This opportunity have enabled many residents in Sri Lanka to adopt to the new technological trends. In Sri Lanka most of the people in the young generation have adopted the new trends and they are shopping online unlike the people in the older generation who are yet to adopt the new trends. Most of the residents in Sri Lanka have not yet implemented online shopping because they don’t have enough resources to do it. As a result of the emplacement of online shopping in Sri Lanka you can buy a special gift for a loved one online and have it delivered at their address.What No One Knows About Services