Fall House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

As Florida weather begins to cool down, it’s time to get ready for fall’s cooler temperatures with shorter days and cool, crisp mornings. Fall is a great time to get your house ready for the upcoming winter, so your family will stay warm and cozy.

If you’re like most homeowners, you have probably skipped a lot of household chores during the heat of summer. As fall approaches and temperatures cool down, cleaning around the house will be easier and faster. Fall cleaning will help to ensure that your indoor air quality is good before you turn on the furnace.

Clean the Patio or Deck

During fall, Florida rains and winds pick up in most area. Take time to give your patio or deck a thorough cleaning with a power washer to remove dirt and grime. Clean the outdoor furniture, umbrellas, awnings, and grill. If you plan to use your furniture and grill throughout the year, cover them to keep them clean when they are not in use.

Inspect and Clean Windows and Doors

Wash all of the windows and doors and inspect them for cracks and air leaks. Windows and doors should close tightly without letting air into the house. If you see cracks in window glass, it’s best to replace the glass. If you feel the air around windows and doors from inside the house, re-caulk and install weather-stripping to stop the air leaks.

Inspect the Furnace

Fall is the best time to schedule a furnace inspection with a qualified Florida HVAC professional. Don’t wait until cold weather arrives! Purchase several furnace filters and change the filters monthly for maximum comfort and energy savings. To prevent dust and ensure clean indoor air, schedule air duct cleaning in Fort Myers, FL.

Deep Clean Furniture and Fabrics

Start by cleaning all bedding including pillows, linens, blankets, and comforters and flip mattresses for more even wear. Clean draperies and window shades by vacuuming or sending them to the cleaners. Vacuum carpeting and area rugs and make sure you clean the floors. Scheduling air duct cleaning in Fort Myers, FL will keep upholstery, fabrics, and rugs clean and dust free while your furnace is running throughout the winter.

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