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Five Ways To Brighten Your Home In Winter

Damp and dreary winter days can make your surroundings drab. To boost your spirits and create an inviting ambience when it’s colder, try these suggestions.

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1. Lighting

Good lighting can have an incredible effect on your home’s atmosphere. Lightbulbs now come with different tones to sync with your surroundings. Daylight or cool tones help brighten your house throughout the day, mimicking sunlight, while lamps with warm or soft white can bestow a snug feel in the evening. Consider task lighting, candles and fairy lights (not just for Christmas!).

2. Colour

There are innumerable ways to introduce colour to your home, including decor and artworks. Paler colours will create an effect of spaciousness, while pops of tints create interest and instill an upbeat sensation. A crystal hanging in a window will flash colourful rainbows across the floor and walls.

3. Comfort

We crave comfort in winter, such as warming drinks, food, cosy jumpers and heaps of blankets. Introducing cushions, throws and blankets will make your home snuggly – choose gold, floral or pink colours.

Home Winter

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4. Clean

Your home will welcome an intensive clean before winter becomes established. Curtains can be vacuumed or washed – steaming them can make them fresher. If you have any blinds, these should be dusted. Clean your window panes inside and outside to let uplifting light flood in while washing your kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and furniture will refresh your surroundings. You can clean the air too, using an air purifier to remove allergens and pollutants for a more pleasing environment to live in.

Clean out stodgy, wintry carbs and sweet comfort foods from your fridge – stock it instead with healthy feel-good foods like nuts, bananas, Goji berries and salmon.

Tilt and turn windows from a supplier such as firmfix.co.uk/windows/tilt-n-turn-windows/ enable stimulating light to flood your home.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph has more winter suggestions here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/interiors/9587016/How-to-brighten-up-your-home-this-winter.html.

5. Declutter

Clutter is oppressive and makes for a disorganized environment. Sort through it, then sell, donate or dump what you are disposing of.

In winter, keeping your log store looking tidy can be difficult – an under-stair alcove makes a good focus, or store logs in a shelter outside (have some by the fire). Keep your Christmas decorations in plastic storage boxes and wind Christmas tree lights around boards.

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