How to decorate successfully with grey

Grey has long lost its reputation for being a drab, cold and unwelcoming color to use as décor in your home. A combination of black and white, grey is a neutral color, which has the advantage of making it very versatile to use. Coming in a range of shades, from cool grey to warm greige and dark charcoal, there is something for everyone’s taste. You can also incorporate it in accessories, your furniture, and fabrics for a more contemporary look.

Which shade works for me?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Darker grey will make a bolder statement and give your room more depth, while a lighter shade will make your room bigger. You also need to consider the other color’s you have in the room so that the shade you pick complements them, such as grey laminate flooring or a fireplace. If you have concerns that grey is too cold and depressing, rest assured that this does not have to be the case.

Which colors to use with grey?

Grey can be as subtle or as bold as you want and goes with a whole range of colors. Soft shades of pink will help you to achieve a sophisticated or vintage look, while a grass green will add a sharp, modern look. To soften a look, grey can be paired with black and white. Try to recognize the difference between grey with a blue, green or brown undertone so that you can match your color’s. Think warm greys with other natural colors to create a balance, especially if you do not have much natural light in the room.

Adding grey elsewhere

One consideration is to use grey in other areas of the room. Floor specialists such as have a range of grey laminate flooring that can complement other aspects already there. Alternatively, charcoal grey is an excellent choice for furniture, as is using a splash of grey for a large rug. Be careful not to overdo it, but you can generally mix different shades of grey through your furniture, cushions and even artwork.

From a silvery grey to deep slate or a natural grey, you are bound to find a shade to suit your style. Experiment to find the look that feels right for the ambiance of your room.

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