How to Hang Drywall on a Ceiling with Canned Lights

In “How to Hang Drywall on a Ceiling with Canned Lights”, house flipping brothers Dave and Rich show you all of the steps for hanging drywall on a ceiling.

Drywall is heavy and awkward. It is best to have at least two people to do the job. However it is possible for a person to hang drywall by themself with the use of a wooden tee, or drywall hooks.

Once the drywall is pushed to the ceiling, it is secured with coarse drywall screws.

Cutting drywall to fit an exact space is fairly easy. Just measure the area, draw a line with a ruler, and cut along the line on the front side of the drywall with a box cutter. The cut only needs to go about a quarter of the way through the drywall. Then bend the drywall back along the scored edge and it will snap in a perfectly straight line, leaving only the cardboard backing holding it to the rest of the drywall sheet. Then cut the cardboard backing with the box cutter along the back side of the drywall sheet along the scored line.

In this video we also show how to cut holes for the canned lights in the drywall. First we measure exactly where the center point of the canned light is. Next we secure the drywall to the ceiling, covering the canned light. Then we mark the center point on the drywall of where the center of the canned light is. A tool called a rotozip can be used to cut a circle around the canned light, but we simply use a drill bit. We cut from the center point until we reach the inside circle of the canned light. Then we use the drill to cut a hole all the way around the canned light. After that we use a drill bit to cut a circle around the outside perimeter of the canned light. Each canned light comes with a covering called a baffle. This baffle will cover the perimeter of the hole that was cut, so the hole does not have to be completely perfect.

Hanging drywall is something most home owners can do themselves. However, to get a smooth finished look is a real art. We have found over the years that we can save money by hanging drywall ourselves, but hire drywall finishers to make the finished product look great. Finishing the drywall means putting at least three coats of drywall mud on the seams and screw holes and sanding the mud after each coat to create a smooth finish. Like Dave says, it is like frosting a cake, but it requires a special touch to achieve a perfectly smooth look.

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