How To Make Money Repairing Drywall And Plaster

How To Make Money Repairing Drywall And Plaster

Hi, my name is Lee Cusano from

I have owned and operated my own painting and drywall repair business for well over 20 years now. I can show you how to make as much as $30 – $70 per hour doing common, simple, drywall and plaster repairs.

These repairs are simple for you and I but not for anyone else. They will gladly pay you big bucks to fix their walls and ceilings. Many times it’s water damage and sometimes it’s just seam repairs or accident type repairs like holes in the walls.

You’ll learn the common types of repairs, even how to repair plaster. I will show you how to easily duplicate textures as well. Again, these are repairs that homeowners and business owners DO NOT want to mess with.

I have gone into houses before where they paid someone $200 and even more to do a simple ceiling repair that looked awful. Even when I pointed that out to the homeowner they acted like they couldn’t see it or didn’t care. So I guess this is more good news.

You’ll learn how much to charge. I can easily make $30 – $70 per hour, even $350 – $500 in only 6 – 8 hours time. You’ll even learn how much to charge per sheet for hanging drywall in case you get a basement or a garage to do.

You will get all this information for FREE in a complete step-by-step bonus manual when you order my “Paint Like a Pro Estimating and Advertising System” course at

Or you can just go to my drywall repair site at to buy just the drywall manual. Both are fully-illustrated.

This Drywall and Plaster Repair Manual is called “How to Repair Drywall Like a Pro” and will show you everything needed including the tools that I use.

Again, just visit: or


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