How to Tile a Shower Niche — by Home Repair Tutor

Discovering how to tile a shower niche is not all that bad.
This video will wander you as a result of a double niche set up.

The very first move is to do really serious organizing. You see this afterwards in the video but Steve recommends acquiring a single solid sill for the niche. Usually which is manufactured of a four inch huge piece of tile or marble.

The moment you have your system down the set up starts by adding the sill to the shower niche. Spot skinny-set on the sill and the niche…increase a bit a lot more skinny-set to the back of the sill so that it can slope towards the tub or shower.

You want this to come about so that h2o drains thoroughly and won’t pool in the corners. The pitch need to be about one/16 of an inch.

The moment the sill is in location you can increase your tile mosaics to the main wall. Mosaics can sit right on the sill and if you need many items, which is very likely the scenario, you can use one/16″ horseshoe shims to get right grout joint spacing. Steve shares what these shims appear like in the video.

Increase the major piece of tile to cap the tile mosaic. Then evaluate for the side items of the niche.

Now this is the place it will get a very little tough. Because the sill is sloped you are going to have to scribe slice the side items. A single way to do this is with a a four one/2″ angle grinder outfitted with a DeWALT XP4 disc.

Be really thorough when applying an angle grinder. It’s finest to slice tiles outside the house and the place all the protection gear…you are going to see Steve manhandle the grinder in this video but bear in mind he is a professional and use the ideal precautions.

Observe the video for all the facts