Most Expensive Mattresses

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Someone can describe that the worst feeling is when you wake up after a long sleep and feel like you were working the whole night. The number of people that go through these situations is very big. Quality sleep is what everyone needs and mattresses are doing a big part of it. The bigger price is you can expect better sleep. You may consider spending more on it than using medications for sleep.

But some mattresses cost more than the yearly income of a family, so it is best to look for options. If you are struggling it is better to find ways like using a Nolah mattress coupon or any deals that you can get a high-quality mattress. The best ones are made of natural materials which makes them expensive.

E.S. Kluft Mattress

Once the world’s popular luxury bedding brands, E.S. Kluft Co. is now working on handcrafted mattresses, which takes a lot of time to be made and because of it the price is going through the roof. Being among the most expensive mattresses it is made out of natural materials like gold, silk, and horsehair.

Every one of the Kluft mattresses is handmade to perfection with a unique design that attracts a lot of customers. Tufted designing will secure the integrity of the elements that used to make it. They will also make sure that it has extra durability. When it comes to sleeping on it, it is in the premium section when you look at the world market. Even if gold is used as one of the materials, there are more expensive mattresses you can buy. This one goes around 36000$.

E.S. Kluft Mattress

Vividus by Hastens

The price for this mattress that goes with the bed is around 145000$ which places it at the top 5 most expensive you can find. The Hastens Company is based in Sweden and they made The Vividus. An interesting fact is that it takes around 320 hours to make it in Koping. That can only assure you that a lot of effort they put in this product.

You should also know that they used around 210 kilos of materials from nature and hired some of the most experienced artisans. The man who is responsible for this product is Master Craftsman Jan-Erik Leander. The redwood pine found in Northern Sweden is the material used for the fame of the bed.

A benefit of sleeping on it is that it reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves circulation of blood because they set multiple layers that lift the legs. You won’t feel tired when you wake up after resting on this mattress. There are seven layers of horsehair that have quick drying features. One of the main materials used is cotton. Read more here.

Vispring Masterpiece Superb

The price of this mattress goes around 42000$ and it is made out of three main layers. A great feature is that you will feel weightlessness because of hand-nested calico pocket springs. The design is very elegant which includes materials like hand-teased real Shetland wool combined with silk, alpaca, and cashmere, organic cotton, and long-strand Moosburger horsetail.

Because all of the materials are natural and very soft, you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud which will make you fall asleep faster. Even if there is the mattress that is triple the price, because of the beautiful design it is placed among luxury models. To ensure supportive, comfortable sleep, they used 4080 coils made from virgin Vanadium steel. Everything is custom made with handles that will make rotating and flipping very easy.

DUX 818

This mattress has a unique solution feature to lumbar, and its support is managed with a crank at its base. The price of DUX 818 is around 15000$. The bed adjusts the spring system when cranked to provide less or more support to the lower back. It is a great feature when you can make adjustments so it will fit you better.

There’s a mile’s worth of continuous coil for each mattress that is meant for adjusting it for the sleeper. There aren’t any rare or luxury materials like gold that you can see in other products mentioned. The main focus was on the longevity, performance, and affordable luxury.

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