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Basement Remodeling can be a great idea if you need extra living space either for the grandchildren, your own children, a home office, or just additional storage area.

#BURNINGQUESTIONS: Would Basement Remodeling Be Worth the Investment?

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Mark Lotz is a Naperville remodeling and painting contractor expert for almost 3 decades. Mark is a second generation remodeling and painting contractor serving the whole Chicago area. He was taught his craft by his father, Bill Lotz, back when Mark was only 13 years old. Mark started working in closets and did all the grunt work for his dad. Over time, Mark learned from his father all the details of fine craftsmanship, customer service, and doing the best possible job you can do. You … Read More

How to Remodel a Basement : Basement Remodeling: Furnaces & Other Services

Think about the access you need to plumbing and heating when remodeling your basement. Learn about furnaces and other services in finishing a basement from a professional remodeler in this free home improvement video.

Expert: Jeremy Blackwell
Bio: Jeremy Blackwell has managed multi-million dollar residential construction projects internationally. Jeremy has his own company that specializes in basement remodeling and residential construction.
Filmmaker: Paul Kersey

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Home Improvement Tips for First Time Homeowners

The thrill of being a home owner is difficult to explain until it has been experienced firsthand. The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from owning a home is a feeling unto its own. One of the first things that homeowners often immediately do after moving into their home is personalize it with their own furniture and wall art. Even before all their boxes from moving day are unpacked, new homeowners are contemplating furnishing and home improvement projects that they would like to undertake.

For many, home improvement means building a swimming pool in the backyard, including a gazebo, or adding additional rooms to the home. For others, turning a house into a home may mean undergoing a massive outdoor landscaping project or perhaps even remodeling the kitchen. Often, focusing on such large undertakings can overshadow other smaller yet equally important projects that help to make everyday life a … Read More