A Brief History of Chainsaw Carving

When you’re driving the back roads of western states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, you’re likely to encounter many picturesque roadside attractions. Among those roadside attractions may be carvings of fanciful creatures. You may see dragons, dwarves or even a wooden bear statue. Such wood carvings have a long and colorful history.

Chainsaw Carving

The Trail of Tall Tales

People first began experimenting with wooden carvings in the 1960s and the 1970s, following the publication of a popular book entitled “Fun and Profitable Chainsaw Carving” by William Westenhaver and Ronald Hovde. One of the earliest roadside carvings still standing is a redwood mural at the Trees of Mystery attraction in northern California that was created by the chainsaw artist Ken Kaiser. Kaiser had been creating chainsaw artwork since the 1950s, but since wood is a perishable medium, particularly when it’s outside and exposed to weather, much of Kaiser’s early work did … Read More

AC Repair Corpus Christi Company: Tips on Choosing a Reliable HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor

We have heard all the horror stories. People you know or people they know have been ripped off at least once by Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractors or repair companies. It is very unfortunate, but it is the reality. There are companies or individuals out there who are doing a poor job in HVAC repair services. They also ask for a ridiculous amount of money as payment.

This kind of practice is giving the rest of HVAC repair individuals and agencies like AC Repair Corpus Christi company a bad name. That is part of the reason why trust is essential in this kind of business. It is also why most successful companies realize that most jobs will come from referrals and word of mouth.

In the same way that you may have friends that will warn you to stay away from certain companies that do air conditioning services, good … Read More

Most Expensive Mattresses

Nolah mattress coupon

Someone can describe that the worst feeling is when you wake up after a long sleep and feel like you were working the whole night. The number of people that go through these situations is very big. Quality sleep is what everyone needs and mattresses are doing a big part of it. The bigger price is you can expect better sleep. You may consider spending more on it than using medications for sleep.

But some mattresses cost more than the yearly income of a family, so it is best to look for options. If you are struggling it is better to find ways like using a Nolah mattress coupon or any deals that you can get a high-quality mattress. The best ones are made of natural materials which makes them expensive.

E.S. Kluft Mattress

Once the world’s popular luxury bedding brands, E.S. Kluft Co. is now working on handcrafted mattresses, … Read More

How Should You Know When It’s The Time for Upgrading HVAC System?

HVAC System

Nothing will last forever, and that is the fact you should know. The same thing goes for HVAC systems, but still, household owners tend to neglect the idea that they have to invest in a new system.

If you wish to do it, we can talk about the numerous advantages of upgrading the system such as enhanced comfort and cost-saving benefits. It is vital to understand when the time is to do it because some factors could tell you that it is the time for an upgrade.

We recommend you visit rastyron.com Heating & Cooling operations because that will help you determine which system is the best for your requirements and preferences.

If you have difficulties in maintaining a comfortable temperature, and after each month you have to pay hefty bills, then it is time for an upgrade. We will present you factors that will help you determine whether you … Read More

Deck Resurfacing Services

Redwood and pressure treated decks have there advantages. As we grow older an grow tired of maintaining the deck year after year. All that refinishing sanding pressure washing and staining. We start to think i wish i had a composite deck so i don’t have to do all this maintenance year in and out. Especially as we get older. What we thought was ok to do for our selves when we were younger grows painfully tiresome and who has the time.

Now i present the idea to you of deck resurfacing by Affordable Deck Solutions

Affordable Deck

With deck resurfacing we take your old wood deck and transform it into your dream deck. depending on the condition of your frame. When your deck was built the current condition it is in. We can remove your floor boards replace any weak joist. We then a water vapor barrier tape to extend the life … Read More