Parks and Recreation Lake Management

weed control for lakes

Lakes are a vital part of many parks and recreation areas. Not all of them allow fishing, but a great many are used as a backdrop for family outings and picnics. Lake management is one way to ensure every visitor has a positive experience in being around the water.

Aesthetic Improvements of Water and Embankments

Looking out over parks and recreation area lakes should provide a clean, crisp view of the water and any available wildlife that are taking advantage of the scenery. Management of these lakes requires that the lake and embankments be free of trash, debris, and anything that looks out of place and poses a hazard to the ecosystem.

Mosquito and Gnat Control

Limiting the amount standing grasses that are in and around the water will limit the abilities of mosquitoes and gnats to breed. Keeping water along the edges from becoming stagnant can also help in the battle with mosquitoes. Environmentally-friendly methods of mosquito and gnat control can be employed if the problem worsens.

Weed and Algae Control

Weeds and algae are two things that can make any park lake look uncared for and breeds unpleasant odors. You can begin a process of weed control for lakes and algae identification and eradication that will have the water looking clear and clean. It will be a more welcoming environment that people will want to return to often.

Water Aerators and Aquatic Health

Water aerators are a wonderful piece of equipment that helps keep the lake churning and oxygenated. It’s beneficial for the fish and all aquatic life, such as plants or frogs. Creating a healthy balance will result in a lake environment that is both attractive and a critical part of the local ecosystem.

Lake management techniques for parks and recreation areas is a positive way to bring a balance to nature that people can enjoy anytime they look out onto the expanse of water. The investment is one that guarantees it will be here to enjoy for generations.

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