Retaining Walls: Where the Practical Meets Beauty

Retaining Wall

The earthy feel and look of natural stone retaining walls are used as both a practical way to reduce and eliminate soil erosion and to add an attractive way to accentuate natural aspects of the landscape.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls serve a practical purpose in eliminating problems with soil erosion and directing water drainage. It can also benefit the aesthetics of a property by providing landscaping features and garden accents. It allows a property owner the ability to use more of the land, no matter how hilly or uneven.

What materials are used for retaining walls?

Most retaining walls are built using some type of paver stone. The colors can vary, depending on the material type used. Each stone paver is placed in layers, one on top of another until the total desired height is reached.

Commercial and Residential Retaining Walls

Businesses and residential homes can both benefit from the use of retaining walls. A commercial building that is placed in an area that is next to a hillside, a retaining wall will help hold back loose rocks and soil that could tumble down and cause damage. Homes can use these walls for garden borders, property lines, and soil retention.

Retaining Wall Accents

One great feature that comes with constructing retaining walls is the ability to create straight lines, or encircle trees, curve around gardens, and many other creative patterns. It makes retaining walls an opportunity to add depth to the visual display of your landscaping.

Retaining Wall Borders

The use of smaller retaining walls is an increasingly popular way to create borders for raised garden beds, surround trees, frame sidewalks, and even provide a beautiful property border. Choosing the right type of stone pavers will help bring out the blend of your home and the surrounding natural landscape.

Retaining walls are the perfect idea for those looking to get more creative with landscaping. Experts in building ST Louis retaining walls can help you plan a more beautiful way to solve soil erosion problems for good.

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