Sea Gull 66474 962 Century Pendant Report
We purchased this fixture for above our kitchen table and it looks great! We had a few minor complaints 1. The installation instructions had 2 pages one was in Englilsh and the other was in French. Unfortunately both pages were needed. Fortuntately we bought another (different) fixture for our entry way and IT had full instructions. If you are somewhat electrically inclined the missing page will not be an issue for you. 2. Our ceiling is sloped (cathedral style) and the fixture did not have enough pivot in the drop assembly to accommodate the slope. We had to get a little creative in the way we attached the mounting plate to make it hang straight. 3. If you have a shallow junction box (which we do) you will have to go to a "home improvement store" and buy a shorter nipple to mount the fixture or the decorative cover plate wont fully cover the installation parts. All in all, for the price we paid, we are pretty darn satisfied. Looks Great, provides lots of light, and came with plenty of wiretubing to accommodate a tall ceiling or it can be adjusted for a lower ceiling.

Posted by joliretos on 2013-11-01 16:44:31

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