Signs That Your House Has Foundation Damage

Foundation Damage of House

Your home’s foundation is essential to its structural integrity. If the foundation is damaged, due to poor drainage, shifting soil, or environmental stress, it can cause major problems. That’s why homeowners need to be aware of the key signs of foundation damage. Keep reading to learn more about what to watch out for.

Dampness and Humidity

One of the main causes of foundation damage is poor drainage. If your home is surrounded by expansive soils, the dirt increases in volume every time it absorbs water. If the volume of the surrounding soil changes frequently, it can start to impact the foundation. The shifting soil exerts pressure on the foundation, which can leave the interior of the home vulnerable to moisture. If the foundation of your home is damaged, you may notice pools of water in the basement, or that your crawl space is always wet after it rains. Foundation damage can also cause persistent interior humidity, and it can let mold and allergens into the house.

Cracked Structure

As the soil around the foundation continues to exert pressure, it can eventually lead to visible signs of damage. You may notice cracks in the basement walls and in any walls made of plaster. Walls that don’t crack may start to bow, taking on a distorted, curved appearance. If you suspect your foundation is damaged, you should also inspect the connections between the walls and the ceilings and floors; foundation damage can cause walls to separate from these joints. There may also be subtler damage to the walls, like splinters.


Foundational damage also impacts the appearance and function of doors. Due to excess moisture, doors often become crooked. They may also be hard to close and stick when you dry to open them.

If you think your home has suffered foundational damage, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional. As time goes on, the damage will only worsen. It’s always best to hire cracked foundation repair experts as soon as possible.

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