What to look for when buying a backyard storage shed

Nearly every homeowner will eventually reach a point where they are facing dwindling storage space for the things they need, such as lawn equipment, tools, air compressors, and vehicles. When space begins running low, there are only two real options, start getting rid of stuff or expand the amount of storage space.

For homeowners who are actively involved in do-it-yourself projects, working on their own cars, keeping recreational vehicles or doing their own landscaping and lawn maintenance, getting rid of crucial tools that they use on a weekly basis is not an option. For these homeowners, looking at a good backyard storage shed may be the best option.

Storage sheds come in all shapes and sizes

The first thing you’ll probably notice when looking to purchase a storage shed is that there is incredible variation in the styles, materials used and sizes of sheds on the market today. It’s possible to buy a shed as small as a closet or as large as a second home and everything in between. There are also many assorted styles and materials. Overall, this leads to a massive range in prices.

For those who live in the country, need a very large amount of space or are operating on a shoestring budget, sheds constructed of steel, corrugated aluminum or even tarp may be a viable option. The main benefit of an aluminum shed is primarily the price. You get a heck of a lot squarer footage going with an aluminum or steel shed than you would with a barn-style, wood-constructed garden shed. For those living on farms or who otherwise need space to store large vehicles, a steel or aluminum structure may be the best option.

But metal sheds have a major downside. They not only tend not to add value to a home, they often actually act as a detriment to the home’s value. Metal sheds are also frequently banned by homeowner’s associations in suburban locations.

On the other hand, barn-style, wood-framed sheds can significantly improve a property’s appearance, adding thousands to the value of a home. High-end wood sheds, such as those sold by Sheds Unlimited, can give a yard an aesthetic boost, while also providing significant additional storage space.

Another splendid feature of wood sheds is that they tend to be extremely solid, often being attached to a concrete frame, just as a home would be. These sheds are ideal for locations that frequently experience extreme weather, as all but the most well-constructed metal sheds can be vulnerable to extreme weather.

Many wood sheds also come with or can be fitted with deadbolts and door-handle locking systems. This means your valuable tools, vehicles and mechanical devices will be just as safe in your backyard shed as they would be in your garage. Larger model sheds also will typically feature an attic area, which can significantly add to the total square footage of storage space.

If you live in a suburban setting or want to go with a storage shed that will add to your home’s value, a barn-style wooden storage shed will be the best choice.