Why Insulation Matters in Florida

Thinking About Insulation?

You live in Florida. The thought of a snowy winter in the sunny state is almost laughable. While snow may not fall all that frequently in Florida, it can sometimes become quite chilly. This, however, may not be reason enough for thinking about having insulation installed into your home. What you may not have considered, however, is the role that insulation plays for hot temperatures, too. If you’re thinking about having insulation installed into your home, then you need a roofing contractor Daytona Beach from G & W Roofing. Here’s why.


  1. Reduces Energy Cost

While Florida may not receive the bitter cold temperatures that many states in the North do, the state is subject to some steamy summers. Since no one likes to suffer from the heat, you typically turn on the air conditioning. If your attic isn’t insulated, a lot of that cold air can escape through the attic and outside. In addition, the hot air can easily slip into your attic and permeate into the home below. With your air conditioning unit constantly blowing in an attempt to cool the home down, you’re going to find that your energy bill spikes. To help reduce that cost, you can have insulation easily blown into your attic in just a day. The cool temperature stays inside the home and the hot temperatures stay outside.

  1. Limits Mold And Mildew

Not only does it get hot in Florida–it also gets humid. This humidity is mold’s favorite thing. It’s just moist enough for mold to grow. Under the warm temperature, bacteria tend to thrive. This mold and mildew can enter your attic if it isn’t insulated. Once it latches onto a surface, the spores can continue to travel through your home. Over time, you and your family start to breathe all of that mold into your lungs. This can be quite a health hazard for those with respiratory issues. Protect yourself by having insulation installed.

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