4 Ways to Boost Your General Contractor Business

Depending on the local market, the contracting business can have slow periods. There are a few ways to boost a number of jobs you have at any given time. Below are four of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your business, no matter how slow the economy seems.

Touch Base with Old Clients

One of your best resources in getting new work is to fall back and contact happy customers from the past. You never know what they might be needing to be done now and they already know the high-quality of your work. Even if they are unable to offer you more work at the present time, explain you will be touching base with them periodically. Increasing business is all about creating dynamic working relationships with clients.

Little Projects Matter

Unless you stand to take a loss, consider taking on multiple smaller jobs. In this economy, money is money. The income from smaller jobs can add up to a mortgage payment, or help put food on the table. Many contractors today make a good living on small, as well as larger projects. Little projects can often lead to bigger ones. There are times that clients want to get a feel for your work with a small job before entrusting you with a larger, more lucrative project.

Pace Out Large-Scale Jobs

The larger contractor jobs are great and you can probably really throw a lot of time and effort in to get it done at a record pace. This is not always the best decision. Set a three to five-year time frame for the big jobs. This will help you spread out the money you earn in a more even fashion. This will help you avoid the feast-or-famine problem so many experiences.

Keep Every Job on a Schedule

Stay busy, but shuffle around the schedule to make it possible to adjust the money you make each week. As long as you give each client the clear understanding that you will be working more than one job at a time, they will not find it odd that you devote four hours one day and six the next. Keep a balance of work hours per project, with expected pay dates and promises of completion.

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