467 DST Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Report

I pulled out a more expensive but similar looking Hansgrohe as were selling our house and we wanted something less pricey to put in its place (we just installed the Hansgrohe last month when getting granite installed). Both were super easy to install. My only gripes about the Delta were that the stiff hoses make them a bit harder to work with than the stainless mesh supply lines of the other and MOST importantly the connection from the faucet base to the pull out handle is a pressfriction fit with Orings and a plastic clip over top to keep water from spraying everywhere. Install the clip incorrectly or, over time, it breaks and youll flood your cabinet. The Hansgrohe has a proper quick disconnect. Given the 3x difference in price, a small sin. Overall…the Delta is a good deal (especially at the local home improvement store where its surprisingly cheaper than Amazon).

Posted by joliretos on 2013-11-01 16:32:17

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