Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filtration System

water filtration

Water is essential for our survival, so besides taking it we need to know how good it is. Many chemicals are now spilled in water all over the world that can cause major damage to our health. Water filtration is the only way out to get it to high quality even if it isn’t polluted. There are different variations, but every filter has its benefits, so picking any will be better than no filtration.

There shouldn’t be any disadvantages when we talk about filters, but when you compare them you can notice limitations one has that other doesn’t have. For any recommended filter, you can find information online like the advantages of the AquaOx water filtration system. Also, depending on how much water you need and how many users you have in the house you should determine which one is the best for you.

Removal of toxic metals

Besides bad chemicals in the water, there are a lot of minerals like magnesium and copper that are in a certain amount good for you. There are good and bad minerals and some of them don’t actually cause a threat to us, but when combined with other minerals it can affect our health.

Lead is one of that that can be dangerous for our health. There are certain parts of filtration systems that remove all these negative, but also some positive chemicals. Because it removes also what is good for us, some people are skeptical about using water filters.

Removing pesticides

Pesticides used on lawns and on farms can end into water supplies. Municipal water can be handled for pesticide pollution, but if you own a well, you need to test your water so you will be sure everything is fine. Heavy metals such as mercury can be removed by home water filters and chlorine also, but some of them won’t remove pesticides, which depends on the type of filter.

The biggest threat is that pesticides live for a longer time in the water which can lead to cancer. This is why you should always test your water every year because you won’t notice anything in the beginning.

Regular maintenance

If you want to save money and buy a cheaper water filter, you can expect lower capacity and weekly maintenance. This can be really boring to do, and there is also an option where you forget to replace it. Depending on which filter you have maintenance will be more or less frequent.

There are ceramic filters where you have to wash them when you notice that water is changing color. It can be very dirty, so make sure you scrub it well. More expensive water filters also need maintenance or replacing tubes that get clogged or dirty, but less often when cheaper ones.

Reverse osmosis benefits

There is a layer in many water filters called reverse osmosis. Its job is to remove the cryptosporidium from the water. It is a parasite that when ingested can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever. It is very bad for kids because it can cause dehydration and malnutrition.

The method of reverse osmosis also separates sodium particles from water. Big sodium molecules can’t reach through the membranes of the reverse osmosis filtering method. People who drink water that has gone through this system have benefits related to blood pressure, liver or kidney disease.

reverse osmosis

Drop in flow rate and limitations

One of the disadvantages of using water filters is that the flow rate of your tap water will be lower. This is because it takes time for every process of cleaning it. This is much related to the type of system that you are using. There are systems that can handle up to 100 000 gallons which will for sure handle the task faster.

Also, a bad thing is that there isn’t a filter that can remove every negative chemical in the water. Not just that, most of them don’t have systems that will remove lead and chlorine at the same time. Good filters are multi-stage filters that combine systems that remove all necessary things. A 100% can never be established, but there are some filters that can go up to 97%.

Bottled water

Many people don’t know, but using bottled water is bad for your health. There are cases where someone saves a bottle and just refills it with water, using it as something like a shaker. The shaker is made out of stronger plastic that can handle up to 500 fillings, but this isn’t the case for regular bottles.

If the bottled water is exposed to heat or sits around for a longer time, plastic bottles leach chemicals in the water. The plastic waste also stays longer in the environment for many years.

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Taste and cost

Because of water filters we have better tasting and better-smelling drinking water by decreasing bacterial and chlorine contaminants. One of the greatest complaints regarding tap water is its smell and taste. Bottled water may appear like a better choice, but when you calculate how much you have to spend on it, you will realize really fast that this can be the biggest noticeable benefit of water filters.

Most people think that they can’t afford it. When compared to bottled water, you will see that the cost is way over then it should be because of the brands. There is a study that shows that 17 million barrels of oil have to be used to make those bottles and you should also consider the energy needed to transport it on the location.

Disadvantages of whole house systems

When we compare the point-of-entry water filtration system to a point of use system, you will notice that it is a more expensive option. The point of use filters is located on a faucet, under sinks or on countertops. Most of the times you will need a professional fitter to install it.

If your priority is clean drinking water, then you should look up which contaminants every brand of filter will filter out, because the specific under sink and countertop units often filter many more impurities from tap water.

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