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If you are starting to outgrow your Washington DC home now might be the right time to give some thought to finishing your basement. For many homeowners a basement is just an extra-large junk room. A few inspiring basement ideas should help you make use of all that extra footage and add a eye-catching addition to your home. With that being said, you must understand why basement remodeling is not always a simple project.

Although there can be many different ways to transform your basement into one of the more welcoming rooms in your home, you need to first ensure the space is livable. Remodeling your basement is not the same as renovating other rooms in your home. These unique challenges must be addressed. Having a clear understanding of what all the project entails will allow you to establish much more sensible expectations.

There are a several things you need to consider: whether the basement has excess moisture; whether it has provisions for heating and cooling; whether it has ducts and pipes below the ceiling joists that may need relocation; whether it is radon-free, and whether your ceiling is high enough.

How will you use it?

Once you have decided that it is feasible to finish your basement, the next thing to do is to determine how you are going to use the extra room. Converting a basement into a home theater room has become a very popular idea in recent years.. Obviously that is an option, but there are many different potential uses for your basement, including a home gym, mother-in-law suite, home office, or even an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to generate extra cash.

Washington DC Basement Finishing

It is worth mentioning again, when it comes to basement remodeling the three most important things are code, code, and code. Making sure your basement is up to code has to trump all other considerations. This is where a general contractor who understands the many unique situations that are associated with finishing a basement can make the job much less stressful. Our expert team of remodeling contractors know all the intricacies of basement remodeling as well the building code unique to the District of Columbia.

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