Basement Window Remodel (Short Version) – Boman Kemp Manufacturing, Inc

Basement Window Remodel (Short Version) – Boman Kemp Manufacturing, Inc

Replacing a original builder-grade basement window with a Boman Kemp Well System and Egress Window.

We’re on site this morning with JDS Home Improvement ( We’re talking egress windows.

An egress window is actually a basement window that’s enlarged to allow a safe exit from a building in the case of fire or emergency.

What you see is very common – the original builder-grade basement window.

1. Very little natural light that comes through.
2. There’s no safe way to get out of the basement in the event of a fire or an emergency.

Today we’re using a Boman Kemp Well, extremely popular, durable, very popular with homeowners, and it’s going to allow streams of natural light to come through.

And again, most importantly, it’s also going to allow a legal egress from this building in the event of fire or emergency, and also it’ll allow the homeowner to add value to their home. They can now actually call this a finished bedroom space, as long as they have – which they will when we’re done – a legal egress window.

A simple lever comes up, you climb outside the window and there’s a ladder system that leads up to safety.

It can also be used as a normal window, with a secure latch and a screen to allow air flow into the basement.

This is more of an entry level package. There were some restrictions in terms of the width, the building configuration and on the outside the setback from the property line. They can be done on all different widths and sizes there’s a lot of custom applications for this.

Thanks for following along, we look forward to seeing you on the next video!


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