Cheap Ways to Finish a Basement

Want to finish your basement without spending a ton of money? You can do a basement remodeling project yourself quite inexpensively!

What are some cheap ways to finish a basement?

Why? So your kid can feel like he has his own place?

If he pays me rent, I’m happy with it. And more living space saves us the hassle of moving to make room for our growing family.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure the basement is water proof, in addition to the sump pump. Then you need insulation.

It’s underground. That moderates the temperature.

If you’re fine with a chilly root cellar in the winter, sure. Otherwise, you need insulation like drywall or spray on insulation.

What’s another solution?

You need to install a floor, too. Preferably a raised one in case there is a water leak down there.

It feels like a waste of time and effort to install a floor and walls in a basement that already has one.

Don’t forget a ceiling. It will absorb any sound from the basement, like a teenager’s music, and improve the insulation level.

Can I save money doing all this myself?

Sure, but don’t try to do any wiring for lights or electric outlets yourself. The results could be shocking.

How do I get an internet connection down there?

Could you put in a wireless router to connect it to the home network? That avoids the need to run internet cables down there, where it could get flooded.

I wish some throw rugs, a bed, hot plate and fridge and a small bathroom were enough to say it is an apartment.

Not to legally rent it, no, though your kid sleeping down there is probably fine. And be really careful of trying to install a bathroom down there.


Water naturally wants to flow downhill, and the basement is downhill.

That’s why we have the sump pump.

If you try to put a bathroom in there, the shower drain and toilet flow need to be pushed back up by a pump to the main sewer line, unless you’re lucky enough for the basement to still be higher than the sewer line.

I wish we could put an outhouse down there; it’s certainly low enough.

Just installing flooring and walls would be enough to turn it into a storage space or play room.

It’s already a storage space.

A space that’s good enough to warehouse the teenagers.


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