Common AC Condenser Problem

The condenser is one of the major parts of an air conditioning system, and it usually located outside your home. The function of AC condenser is to convert the refrigerant which is in gas form into a liquid form. It converts the gas into liquid refrigerant with the aid of the condensing coil, and then the cool liquid refrigerant moves through the air entire conditioning system proceed to cool the room or building interior. In simple terms, the AC condenser is the one responsible for air conditioning cooling process.

The AC condenser have complicated structure, although is considered as one component it is actually composed of many parts that would require the expertise of air conditioning Perth to assemble or repair. The AC condenser is composed of condenser coil, fans, motor, lots of tubes circuit board.  If one or all of these components fail your AC will not work properly. Here are some common AC condenser problems that you might encounter.


Since AC condenser have lots of tubes, leakage on damaged tubes and seals are the common problems of AC condenser. Leaky condenser tube seems to be minor problem, but don’t be complacent because it can be a major one. You have to take into mind that it is impossible to replace the condenser tubes or seals. A leaking condenser requires a complete replacement. The common cause of condenser leak is due to extensive use.


Dust, cobwebs, dead insects, other debris and particles can build up within the air conditioning unit and would lead to blockage which in turn can cause AC condenser not to work properly. Most of the unwanted particles and debris may only found in the external part of the AC. The most likely culprit of blockage is metal particles that have flaked off the condenser itself. Condenser blockage usually occurs due to poor maintenance or due to age of AC unit itself.

Damaged Condenser Coil

Damaged condenser coil is the most terrible news you could receive in terms of AC condenser. A condenser coil replacement is the ultimate winner in the most expensive air conditioning repair in Perth. Condenser coil is not only expensive, but most of the time, it is also hard to find depending on the model. Also, condenser coil replacement entails extensive labor which means huge repair fees. According to AC repair expert, if your condenser coil is out warranty it is best to replace the entire air conditioning unit.

Defective Circuit Board

The AC condenser circuit board controls the other parts of the condenser like the fan, motor and coil. When the circuit board don’t function properly, the entire system will be compromised. When this happens, you need to replace the defective control board. Just make sure that the new board is compatible with the existing parts.

Faulty Condenser Relay Switch

The condenser fan relay switch is one of the crucial parts of the condenser. Its function is to switch the fan on and off when you turn the AC unit on and off.  If the fan won’t work properly, your entire air conditioning system will fail to function effectively.

Bad Run Capacitor

If the motor of your AC won’t start, the most probable culprit is the run capacitor that goes bad. The run capacitor may go for a slow decline due to natural wear and tear or just die suddenly and leave you to a lurch.

Keeping the AC condenser is one way of keeping your air conditioning unit work properly and efficiently. Routine check-up and maintenance with your favorite air conditioning repairman is good way to keep the air conditioning unit run efficiently.