DEWALT DW920K 2 7 2 Volt Two Position Screwdriver
I own numerous cordless drills and cordless screwdrivers. This one really fills the gap. Light weight and strong power, for its size. I do a lot of electrical work, which entails drywall repair amongst other things. It has enough power to drive drywall screws in, yet small enough to get into those small places. I wouldnt sheet rock a room but its great for small jobs. Attaching cabinet hinges, electrical work and driving hex nuts, it works great in all applications. Really beats the pants off of the B&D 3 volt screw drivers. The clutch has excellent range. At the 1 setting you can drive screws into a switch face plate without breaking the plate. The higher numbers correspond almost exactly to the release pressure of my other DeWALT drills. I knocked off one star due to the poor quick release design. By the way, it hasnt been fixed. When you push the sleeve back, towards the screw driver, it releases the bit. Like others have said, when you bump it or put it in your tool belt the bit can release. It hasnt been a huge problem, just an annoying issue. The problem is that there is a small spring that helps release the bit. So it shoots it across the room. It really doesnt make any sense, since their impact drivers have the release mechanism going in the opposite direction. That said, I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone. Hopefully, some day, DeWALT will act on these reviews. For the price this is a great deal. The batteries have long run times and the charger is the latest 3 mode version which allows you to leave the battery in the charger all the time without damaging the battery. In fact that is what they recommend, keep one in the charger at all times. It charges, conditions and then maintains a trickle charge after that. I wish that I would have purchase this item long ago. Have fun. Update I have now been using this tool for about 6 months. It still works flawlessly. I would like to add a note on the quick release. I think that DeWALTs thinking on the way the bit releases is for ease of use and quick action. Typically if you are using this tool, you will be changing from flat head to phillips again and again. By tapping the release the bit quickly pops out and to attach a new one you just shove it in. If, like on their impact driver, you had a locking mechanism it would be more difficult to release and install the bit. This is supposed to be for light duty work. This cordless screwdriver is now the first tool into my bag for any project. I cant imagine leaving home without it.

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