Fixing my bowed block basement walls and wet basement leaks water in basement poor foundation

Fixing my bowed block basement walls and wet basement leaks water in basement poor foundation
Home Renovation are fixer upper purchased for $14,000.00 home improvement project.
This is a update since moved into are home to be renovated. we are living in a fixer upper.
This is now March 2018 moved into home in aug 2017 and been doing alot of demo remodeling and prep work to get ready for some big home improvement projects that we are going to be doing in are DIY and home renovation.
We will be posting all before and during videos as well and as go.
Have a lot of past months videos but don’t want to overload everyone so will post those throughout the weeks. from all are early on home improvement projects and fun videos on how we do all are cooking without a oven or stove.
And what it’s really like to live in a fixer upper with all the changes going on all the time.
from are project cost and tools we use from buying them and renting them.
How many times we change are minds on how we want the end result to look from paint colors too wood trim light fixtures and more.
Ways we save money from buying stuff when on sale even know not ready for the items. Things we do to save on the home bills so can keep the project moving along.
Knowing need to take a break from the house project and just put your feet up and relax so can come back to it fully rested and ready to take on more.
Taking lots of time doing research before doing new home improvement projects and taking are time so done right the first time. ” Like measure twice cut once” is the way we do everything.
From new siding on house all new flooring tile flooring wood flooring new bathrooms putting on an home addition front porch backyard deck privacy fence all new plumbing and electrical drywall painting kitchen cabinets and so much more.. almost all new and all this while we live and do are best to make it still enjoyable to live in house while we repair all the home and do all the projects.
hope you enjoy are new page and enjoy watching us while we fix this old home.
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all are home improvement videos and pictures are how we are doing are projects and a way for us to look back and keep track of are progress not intended as how to do it all only advise and how we are doing it to save as we go.


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