A Brief History of Chainsaw Carving

When you’re driving the back roads of western states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, you’re likely to encounter many picturesque roadside attractions. Among those roadside attractions may be carvings of fanciful creatures. You may see dragons, dwarves or even a wooden bear statue. Such wood carvings have a long and colorful history.

Chainsaw Carving

The Trail of Tall Tales

People first began experimenting with wooden carvings in the 1960s and the 1970s, following the publication of a popular book entitled “Fun and Profitable Chainsaw Carving” by William Westenhaver and Ronald Hovde. One of the earliest roadside carvings still standing is a redwood mural at the Trees of Mystery attraction in northern California that was created by the chainsaw artist Ken Kaiser. Kaiser had been creating chainsaw artwork since the 1950s, but since wood is a perishable medium, particularly when it’s outside and exposed to weather, much of Kaiser’s early work did … Read More

Having Your Water Heater Repaired

Water Heater Repaired

Water heaters are an essential device for every household. They are used many times every day. Therefore, it is essential that your water heater is fixed right away if there is something wrong with it. This sort of repair needs to be done by someone who knows what he is doing. This is why the selection process of a water heater repair company is so crucial. There will be many companies that perform this service in your local phone book. Some of these companies will be much better than others. Here are a few ways to determine which water heater repair companies are the best.

1.    Talk to your friends and family to find out if they have had their water heater repaired.

You should first get advice from those people who are closest to you. Friends and family members can be very helpful at a time like this. The … Read More

Amazing Basement Remodeling Ideas and Designs For You To Copy

Basement Remodeling Ideas and Designs For You To Copy – Basements offer a bonus for homeowners looking to increase living space. But unlike the rest of the house, these below-grade rooms require thoughtful planning and prep work.
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