How to Control Mosquitoes With Increasingly Wet and Humid Weather

Mosquitoes Pest Control

Mosquitoes can take the joy out of time you spend outdoors. Periods of high humidity and heavy rains make it a guarantee that the mosquito population explodes out of control.

The Discomfort and Dangers of Mosquitoes

The bites of mosquitoes result in red bumps that itch and sometimes burn. It can make outdoor time unpleasant when it seems they are attacking from every angle. Another concern is diseases that can be carried by certain mosquitoes. West Nile virus and other types of disease have spread to almost every area of the country and can jeopardize the health of you and your loved ones.

Ineffective Community Spraying

Most larger communities offer spraying programs to try and assist with keeping mosquitoes under control. One problem with this method is that it’s rarely effective. The areas sprayed are limited and most mosquito offspring are immune to the chemicals used.

Increased Northeast Storm Activity and Higher Mosquito Numbers

2018 has proven to be an active storm and rainfall year for the northeastern US. The humidity that builds up before storms and added moisture after rains contribute to a boom in mosquito populations.

Eliminate Items That Hold Rainwater

Mosquitoes look for stagnant sources of water to breed and grow in population. Look around your property for items that tend to accumulate standing water. The less attractive your yard is for breeding, the less likely you will have a serious mosquito problem.

Call In Professional Pest Control Assistance

If you are struggling with a serious mosquito invasion, it’s time to call in pest control specialists. An expert can perform an inspection, recommend any changes needed to reduce the problem and begin eradication procedures.

The huge increase in mosquitoes Staten Island residents are dealing with is directly tied with the wet summer experienced throughout the region. Investing in professional pest control services can help eliminate the problem so you can go back to enjoying the outdoors again.

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