Kitchen Remodeling DIY step by step

Kitchen Remodeling DIY step by step
I have owned a construction company N.S.W.(National Specialty Workers) for over 13  years and for over 30 years i have been involved in many different areas of the construction industry from Residential to Commercial.When it comes to remodeling a kitchen i know first hand what needs to be done step by step.The knowledge that i give you is from years and years of learning my trade, to make my work stand above the rest of my competitors. 
Let us first begin by thinking about these Questions, why am i remodeling my kitchen ? Is this a want or is this a need? I need to reinvest back into my home and update for resale value, functionality, and create a work flow design or more effective cooking surface areas.I want to renovate my kitchen because i want to stay in my home and neighborhood but my kitchen is outdated so i want it remodeled.
Just like any other home remodeling projects you will need money and how long you plan to work on your kitchen determines the costs.I have a slogan which is what i Create, Pattern, Construct and estimate by. It reads like this; Imagine It… Design It… Build It… For Less!(Note* Copywrite N.S.W. LLC. 1997 -2097)

There are several Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning a Kitchen Remodel.

How much will this costs? Do i need to refinance my home? How can i save money by performing some of the work myself?How can i rate my skill level? Can i act as my own general contractor? When do i need subcontractors to do their part? Do i have a design eye for the finished project?Do i need permits? While there are still many more questions stop right there and keep this in your mind, you can do this, it is not overwhelming, it is not finished until your satisfied. 
Imagine It…
Question: How much will this costs? 
Answer: The costs of any project is simple how much do you want to spend? How much of the work will you perform? What do you see as you look into the kitchen as the finished project? 
Come on, it’s your house let’s try it together. First turn the phone off, put the kids to bed, tell your spouse to do this with you together.Only when there is complete silence can you begin. Now close your eyes, remember your house layout where each room that is tied to the kitchen is placed.
Day 1. In your mind Imagine My Company, N.S.W. a team of professional guys, coming into your home spreading drop cloths, taping plastic dust protection up from ceiling to floor,dropping a big dumpster in the drive way or street, lifting your appliances to another room or to the landfill, removing the remaining items.Then your hear the foreman state it’s time to begin the demo, with saws and pry bars just like a surgeon is with his scalpel the N.S.W. Team is strategically removing cabinets,counter tops, Sheetrock, flooring, sinks, and everything else that gets in it’s way until you see nothing but wood studs, plumbing pipes, electric wires and hvac ducts. Now with your eyes follow the foreman up the ladder to the attic just above the remaining drywall ceiling. Notice how he is looking for the ceiling joists and what walls they are resting upon,interior or exterior, he also checks for braces supporting the roof. After noticing all of the pressure points from the roof down to the ceiling,down the wall, to the floor, and from the floor joist, to the columns and footers underneath the house he makes his material list. The N.S.W Team braces up the ceiling joists and removes the rest of the wood studs, and supports the ceiling with new heavy duty beams. Wow what a day! Demo and framing in just 1 Day, you tell your spouse. With your kitchen walls gone it is easy to …Imagine It Now…

Design It…
Question: Do I have a Design eye for the finish project?
Answer: Everyone has a Design eye for the finish project and all they need is a little help from a photo a kitchen in a book, or a visit to a friends house oreven opening up your mind to our story. 
Day 2. The day is pleasantly warm and you wake up to a soft knock at the door. Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith I have some coffee just the way you like it.I have the plumber and electrician here, wanting to get started, states the N.S.W. Foreman. You enjoy your coffee and notice what is happening in your kitchen today, the electrician is asking you questions about the lighting options and placement of your new appliance’s. The plumber starts changing your plumbing pipes and drainage lines to your new design. After the electrician climbs up into the attic and the plumber crawls underneath your house, the N.S.W. Foreman discusses with you the product selections you have chosen and ask you to think about any computer networking or cable TV wires locations in your new kitchen.

Build It…
Question: How can i save money by performing some of the work myself?
Answer: You can ask a professional, chat in a DIY Forum, even buy a DIY book at home depot or Lowe’s. The place i like to send customers to get a feel for DIY projects, Such as painting, flooring, trim, etc… is HG TV. Everyone has undiscovered hidden talents and should use them to get a great satisfaction from working on parts of their project.Listen you do have some sort of job you are good at right? All you have to do is see it one time and then you have it in your mind. Tell yourself i can do this,I’ve seen it done before, I’ve read it before, I’ve thought of it before, just like the time when it happened on Day 3…
Day 3. As you awake to the early morning sounds you lay in bed and you recall how N.S.W. performed each step by step in your kitchen remodel.You say to yourself i can do the painting, and save this much, also the flooring, saving this much. After calculating each item of work you can perform you get out of bed and try to remember where you left your calculator when you get half of the way down the hallway then you hear a knock at the door. Hello I’m hear to inspect your kitchen remodel, calls out the building inspector. You open the door to see the N.S.W. Foreman pulling up with your coffee and this time he has an extra coffee and doughnuts,for the building inspector. Hello Joe How are you doing today? Great says the inspector taking a sip of his favorite coffee. I’m here to inspect the electrical, plumbing and hvac so you can cover up the walls with Sheetrock today, says the inspector. He ask the N.S.W. Foreman a few more questions then Writes in his notebook,”Passed Inspection, OK To Hang Sheetrock” and places the sticker on the permit placard. Just as the inspector walks out the door the N.S.W. Team of drywall hanger enters. the kitchen with their tools ready to hang the drywall. The N.S.W. Team measures each electrical outlet and light installing all of the drywall in a mater of hours.Wow! The Sheetrock really does make a difference, you tell the men at the end of the day, when can i paint?

For Less!!           Question: When do i need Sub Contractors to do their part?
Answer: Sub Contractors need to be ready to work according to the project schedule. Sometimes a specialty contractor is needed to come and work on your kitchen remodel.They would set counter tops, install tile backspash, connect gas lines to relocated island stoves or ranges, network computer stations and cables TVs, etc…The products that you have selected at the concept of the project was paid for and ordered in advance. Without setting up a time frame to start and finish, the “hard to find materials” traveling from long distances will not happen in sequence causing customer and contractors relations to have a communication breakdown.If the homeowner is suppose to pay for materials on a certain date, they need to. Also if the contractor is suppose to finish their work on a certain date it has to happen.Whenever a homeowner takes on the responsibility to perform work on their project people are counting on them to finish their part so they can complete the next task.The paint has to be dry if they want their cabinets installed which brings us back to the closing of our story on day 4…
Day 4. Today you awake to the sound of big trucks pulling into your street driving toward your house. I think it is our special ordered items, you tell your spouse. Then you remember the long night you had painting all of your walls that color your friend selected. You look out of the window just in time to see the foreman from N.S.W. directing traffic around the big delivery truck.Opening the door you notice the N.S.W. Foreman inspecting for any shipping damage on every item. The N.S.W. Team carries in the cabinets inside and starts installing them according to their design layout placement. After only a few hours you notice the counter tops in place and the tile back splash installed. The floor installer is drives up andhas his crew with him ready to finish off your kitchen remodel project. 
Later that night as you are reviewing your budget estimate and allowances, you happen to look around and notice the detail of everything in it’s special perfect place. Wow, I love my new kitchen! I love the way it looks! I love the way it feels! I love the way the counter top flows! I love the way it is inviting and welcomes you into it’s space.  I truly Love everything about it! 
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Thanks for reading i hope that you enjoyed the story as much as i enjoyed writing it.    
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