repairing the crackhead door repair

Welcome back to Mushy’s Home Improvement Show, where the mantra is: We’re not crackheads!™ [disclaimer: do not sniff the chunky white powder on the floor, I don’t know what it is but it’s not something you want in your nose.]

In today’s episode, we’re measuring trim strips which will go around the doors in the utility room. Once those are cut to size and painted, they will be put up around the doorframes. Then I will be able to measure the trim for around the base of the room, hiding the required 3/8" gap between the wall and the Marmoleum tile. I’ve procured all the materials and my compound mitre saw with laser guide is ready to knock this job out.

Here we have the first complication: The previous homeowners replaced the original doorframe for the back door with a new wooden frame that hangs a metal door. Which would be fine, even with the fact that they then painted an already-white door in latex white. But while taking the measurement for the jamb side of the door, I notice that the frame is broken and sticks out like a compound fracture in an unlucky person’s leg. It appears that a different crackhead, wanting to get into the previous crackhead’s home, kicked the back door open, ripping out the part of the frame that holds in the bolts for both the deadbolt and the regular lock. (So much for deadbolt security!) So I have taken off the strikeplates, which were not being held in by anything other than paint and drywall screws, and realize the gap was sealed with bathtub caulk. I used a screwdriver to chip out the dried caulk, and have started trying to repair the frame well enough to make the fissure flat so a trim piece can be put over the top of it without being gappy. A little Gorilla Glue and a C-clamp to hold the sections together, and some sanding once this is cured, and this will be a functional kludge until the eventual plan of replacing the door and frame with a prehung wooden door (as the house likely had previously) can be undertaken.

I have the primed trim pieces for this doorframe cut, including the three notches in the right-side piece to accomidate the door’s hinges, and have them on the painting table in the familyroom for a coat or two of ashar grey. My back door is propped open an inch by the C-clamp; it is about 50°F outside, and I am looking forward to closing it real soon now.

That’s all the time we have for this episode. Stay tuned for "Flip Off This House", followed by a very special episode of "Don’t Sweat It" where in an ironic (yet not unusual) move Steve Watson merely stands in the middle of someone’s livingroom and sweats until his shirt is drenched, while Carey and Jimmy build a 500 square foot addition containing two bedrooms, an atrium, and a spa-like master bath onto the house singlehandedly in the course of four hours.

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