seven Popcorn Ceiling Removing Concerns to Inquire Before Choosing a Contractor

Popcorn ceiling elimination is really frequent these times. So is acquiring ripped off and ripped off by your contractor. There are numerous superior contractors executing excellent work, but there are also numerous scam artists and fly by night providers who are only on the lookout to rip you off. Given that actual estate values across the country have been depressed, numerous owners are picking to update their present property by easy and low-cost inside renovations like popcorn elimination.

Home house owners require to ask their popcorn ceiling elimination contractor these seven queries right before they retain the services of them for the job. Getting rid of popcorn ceilings is really frequent these times as numerous property house owners are updating their present properties. Popcorn ceilings are outdated and numerous property house owners favor knockdown texture about popcorn. Knockdown texture just seems to be improved and there is a excellent return on expense because popcorn elimination is an cost-effective advancement which may possibly incorporate incremental price to the property. Before using the services of a contractor in the Orlando region, be confident to ask these seven queries to steer clear of acquiring ripped and ripped off.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #one – “Do I require to worry about screening for direct in my home?”

If your property was created right before 1978, then the solution is “certainly”. If your property was created just after 1978, the solution is “no”. According to, “Popular renovation functions like sanding, chopping, and demolition can develop harmful direct dust and chips by disturbing direct-primarily based paint, which can be harmful to older people and small children.

To shield towards this threat, on April 22, 2008, EPA issued a rule requiring the use of direct-harmless procedures and other actions aimed at blocking direct poisoning. Beneath the rule, starting April 22, 2010, contractors accomplishing renovation, fix and portray assignments that disturb direct-primarily based paint in properties, boy or girl treatment facilities, and faculties created right before 1978 must be licensed and must observe distinct work procedures to stop direct contamination.

EPA involves that companies accomplishing renovation, fix, and portray assignments that disturb direct-primarily based paint in pre-1978 properties, boy or girl treatment facilities and faculties be licensed by EPA and that they use licensed renovators who are qualified by EPA-accredited schooling providers to observe direct-harmless work procedures.” It is crucial to use Direct Secure Qualified contractors for popcorn elimination assignments.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #two – “Can I take out my popcorn ceiling by myself and conserve some funds?”

The shorter solution is “certainly”. However, conserving a few bucks may possibly change out to be a important headache in the extended run for a few explanations. The very first cause is the work will be challenging. You will require distinctive machines, respirators, eye defense and so on. In most situations, owners basically deficiency the skills to do the job correctly and it can develop into really time consuming. One more cause is the work may possibly result in harm to other areas in the home, the household furniture, the walls and the flooring. It turns into even extra challenging if your popcorn ceilings have been painted.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #three – “Is it extra challenging to take out popcorn ceilings which have been painted?”

Getting rid of painted popcorn is extra challenging because it is a challenge to penetrate the paint with drinking water to comprehensively moist the product prior to the disturbance. This is one more situation exactly where the skills of a skilled contractor can be a important advantage.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #4 – “Will my home be a complete mess just after the popcorn ceiling is eliminated?”

Getting rid of popcorn is inherently a “messy” job if you do it your self or have a contractor do the job for you. This is why it is crucial for you to “include off” the total region of the work to be performed. You will require to include all vents with plastic, include all fixtures with plastic and tape, include all carpets and flooring with plastic, and close off any areas you do not want impacted by the job. In essence, you require to develop a “containment region” for the job. Qualified popcorn ceiling elimination contractors will leave your home location much less and on the lookout improved than when they started out.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #five – “Will I have to shift all of my household furniture out of the home?”

The solution is “no”. Professionals in popcorn elimination, residential portray, ceiling fix, and drywall repair are experts in preserving your belongings. The will “include off” all of your household furniture, TV’s, beds, etcetera. and shield them from any dust or harm. Most providers will want the home-owner to take out all of their “nick nacks”, pics, smaller electronics, etcetera. right before starting work on the property.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #6 – “How extended does it acquire to take out popcorn ceilings”

As you can envision, every home is distinct. It all is dependent on the dimension and scope of the work, the affliction of the home, the height of the ceilings, and no matter if or not the rooms exactly where the work is to be performed are vacant or furnished. Try to remember, once you have eliminated the popcorn, you even now have to apply knockdown texture and paint it. If you are executing the work your self, you must plan on a getting at it for a few times at the minimum. Qualified popcorn ceiling elimination contractors, like Textures by Blue Sky, Inc., can typically complete a 3500 sq. ft. home in one particular working day. Just make confident you select the suitable one particular to work with.

Popcorn Ceiling Removing Dilemma #seven – “How do I know the popcorn ceiling elimination contractor I have hired is heading to do a superior job?”

Do some investigation. Inquire your pals and family if they know a respected organization in the Orlando region. Make confident you use a organization that has been in business enterprise for at minimum a few many years. It is also crucial to use a organization that is licensed, bonded, and insured. A respected organization will also be registered with the Far better Company Bureau, The Florida Ceiling and Wall Contractors Affiliation, and will be “Direct Secure” Qualified by the EPA.