slats, there had to be slats

Okay, great fans, time for a kitchen renovation update. I’ve cleaned out the pantry (took out shelves, took out the 2×4’s that held the shelves up, cleaned in the newly-liberated closet that holds the water heater, bought a shelving system at The Container Store, not posted any photos of that process) and now I’m stripping and sanding the door. Pretty new hinges coming when I get around to it, I’m compiling the next Lowe’s shopping list.

But you look at the above image, taken after I’d sanded both solid sides of the door, and say, "But Mushy, you sleek and sexy handymushroom you! That door has dozens of slats that are painted in latex on one side of the door, and are kinda grubby on the other side from years of dust! What is your next cunning manoeuver?" (If you didn’t say it when you arrived at this paragraph, follow the script above immediately. "But Mushy…" I’ll wait. Good, good.) Glad you asked. Uh, I don’t know, I’m figuring that I’ll put on the special Mouse™ attachment that will let me get into the crevices — hey, darkhairedgirl, what were you saying about how anything can be an innuendo? — to see how much paint I can get off the front (I know there will be chunks, due to the spraying of stripper around the edges) and dirt can be dislodged from the back. Then the whole sh’bang will be painted the same "grey ashar" as the cabinets, regardless of whether there’s still paint on the slats or not.

It’s not a crackheaded fix, it’s working with the flaws of the materials available and obscuring/repairing previous fails…. and unlike the previous owners did, both sides of the door and the slats will be painted. I feel a little slackerish that I didn’t complete this on Tuesday (or start on Monday) but as you can guess, I took one look at this when I got it out in the driveway and thought "meh, inconvenient detail work".

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