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Hi, I’m Roger Koehler, president of Basement Connection. We service the South Chicago sub bergs, and the city. I hope you get a lot out of this video.

Frequently Asked Question 3:

What are your different setups?

Setting up a home theatre for seating, there’s a number of ways you can do. This is the traditional way, a theatre style. We have a row, alleviated chairs for the next row. Some people like to build it more of a casual room, where they have more couches around some tables, a little more LIKE of a living room with a big screen television. So, all depends on what’s your like, what’s your motifs you have here for your basement. You can have it in an open area, however, you got to get the room dark, you all seen a possibly overhead sports car or something, the screen looks terrible because there’s a too much light in it. A dark room has the best picture and must be done.

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