The 16 Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes: Part 1

At we are often called in to fix Do-It-Yourself St. Charles basement finishing projects that have gone awry. We commonly see the same mistakes take place on these jobs. Over the next several months we are going to be looking at 16 of the most common mistakes made by Do-It-Yourself homeowners on St. Charles basement finishing projects. Let’s take a look at mistakes 1-4.
1. Not planning for electronics
Whether it’s T.V.’s and speakers or microwaves and canned lights you need to plan in advance where these items will be located in your basement. Not planning can lead to not only running way more wire than you should but it can also lead to having exposed wires and extension cords running all over your basement.
2. Not subbing out the jobs that you can’t handle
Nobody can handle every aspect of a St. Charles basement remodeling project themselves. Be honest with yourself and sub out the jobs that you don’t have the ability to complete. It will actually save you money in the long run.
3. Covering up key access points in a basement
Within any St. Charles finished basement there are certain access points that you need to be able to reach. These can include things like water shut off valves, electrical panels and many other important access points. Covering up such areas can leave you in a world of hurt. So plan accordingly when designing your basement.
4. Using cheap building materials
Just because certain materials, like insulation or plumbing parts, may be covered up doesn’t mean you can get the cheapest material from your hardware store. Those who think they are saving money by purchasing cheap material will actually cost themselves more money when the material breaks or fails.
Marvelous Basements is a certified St. Charles basement finishing contractor. If you have had previous trouble with a Do-It-Yourself project then call us today at 636-614-2660 and let the pros show you what expert St. Charles basement design is all about.


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