The 16 Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes: Part 4

At we are often called in to fix Do-It-Yourself St. Louis basement remodeling projects that have gone awry. We commonly see the same mistakes take place on these jobs. Over the past three months we have looked at numbers 1 through 12 of the 16 most common mistakes made by Do-It-Yourself homeowners on St. Louis basement remodeling projects. Today we’ll finish up the series by taking a look numbers 13-16
13. Overloading circuits in the circuit breaker
Overloaded circuits are a common problem we see in Do-It-Yourself St. Louis basement finishing projects. Many times a home owner will try to add some new lights or outlets or even both and they overload their breakers with the amount of electric lines they run to their circuits. If you are not a certified electrician than this is a job you should definitely NOT be handling yourself.
14. Miss installing GFI and ground-fault breakers
Along with overloading circuits, Do-It-Yourself homeowners regularly miss installing GFI’s and ground fault breakers. Your bathroom should always have a GFI outlet in it.
15. Failing to install water resistant sheet rock and or drywall in wet areas
Anytime you have a section of your basement that is susceptible to moisture then water resistant sheet rock or drywall must be installed. Forgetting to do so could mean you having to go back and replace an entire wall or ceiling and can be rather costly. To protect against mold and mildew, Marvelous Basements uses Gold Bond XP drywall on all exterior walls, in bathrooms, and wet bars. Gold Bond XP drywall will not allow mold spores to grow because of its special non-toxic, Greenguard and Sporeguard certified chemical content. Gold Bond XP is conditionally warranted to provide a safe, mold-free environment for 25 years.
16. Improper placement of walls in front of fired utilities
When you have any sort of fired utility located in a St. Louis basement finishing project you can’t put a wall around it anywhere you want. There needs to be a certain amount of space between your wall and the fired utility to avoid any dangers or fires that might result due to close proximity of a misplaced wall.
Marvelous Basements is a certified St. Louis basement finishing contractor. If you have had previous trouble with a Do-It-Yourself project then call us today at 636-614-2660 and let the pros show you what expert St. Louis basement design is all about.


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